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The main business of Turul-Pack Ltd. is the production of wooden cases in different sizes and industrial packaging of machines, furniture. We put the goods into self-assembled wooden cases on the spot of the customer with also custom-built skates and palettes. We pack the goods according to the needs of transportation.

Packaging methods:

Shipping Road transport Air transport Container Railway transport

Serving unique orders: „everything fast”

From a 300 tons bridge construction through whole manufacturing plants even to safely-handled private furniture so far all of our work had been finished before the arrangement time or earlier.


Unique packaging or large number mass production. Even with after order changes

15.000 m2/month production capacity

Our monthly case production capacity of 15.000 m2 enables us packing in large quantities and also „express” execution within 48 hours.

Measuring on the spot given by the company, production in our facility and packaging goods on a location given by the ordering company

The goods to be packed are measured on a given spot, we manufacture the necessary paletts and boxes in our facility, we package the goods on a spot given by the ordering company and even arrange transportation with the help of our partner company.

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